Jan. 19th, 2014

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We lost our second oldest budgie, Daffy, on Thursday :(

He was my sister's, [livejournal.com profile] rinkle, bird and was 6.5 years old. As she's living in Canberra I coordinated the vet care. I took him to an avian vet on Monday as he was very fluffy, not doing much, and I found him sitting on the bottom of the cage (really bad sign). He was very weak, hadn't been eating and wasn't producing any poop. Vet didn't know if he was going to make it. She was doing tests, making sure it was nothing that could spread through the flock. He stayed there from Monday to give him a better chance with heat/fluids/forced feeding/antibiotics. Really impressed with her. Explained everything, what tests for and costs.

Got a call from her Tuesday saying, much to her surprise and ours, Daffy made it through the night and was eating on his own, and perching instead of lying on the floor. He did have a bacterial infection but the treatments seemed to be working. Went down and visited him and he looked so much better. She wanted to keep him there until Thursday to keep up with the treatments to give him a better chance. Call from other vet on Wednesday saying he was still doing well.

Then the call we weren't expecting. The vets were very surprised to find him dead when they came in Thursday morning. He'd been doing so well, had a full crop, poo normal, was whistling late Wednesday. The treatments were working for the secondary bacterial infection. She thinks it may have been a brain tumour and he had a seizure. Which fits in with the wobbliness she saw (and thought might have been heavy metal toxicity which she was also treating for) and the weird way he'd been acting late last week. He'd been flying around the cage and couldn't seem to land until I intervened. Then he was lying down along the perch.

I was worried that I'd done something wrong, didn't pick up he was ill soon enough. But she doesn't think it would have made any difference. I was talking to her about the birds we've lost and how my brother has had 2 long living budgies (one died ~10 years, the other is still going at ~12 years). She said with budgies it's all about the genetic lottery. And with older budgies it's usually tumours.

He was a beautiful bird, a yellow face albino. Also very sexy in the budgie world. 2 of our younger boys (Kensi and Deeks) fought each other over him. After bloody eye & sore wing, we couldn't risk more serious injuries and had to give Kensi to the pet shop.

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