Sep. 17th, 2012

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My Danny bird died tonight :(

He hasn't been well the last ~6 months. He stopped whistling & chatting around March, sleeping a lot, breathing heavily. Yet he was still flying like a nut, having such a great time, and not breathing any heavier after. Since he kept going, knew it wasn't an infection. Was probably a tumour, but there's not much you can do with tiny birds. Danny was also difficult because he's had gut/crop issues his whole life. He'd regularly throw up seed and look absolutely miserable, but then be back to normal. The past few weeks I've thought he was getting worse, but it was so hard to tell. I decided to leave him as long as he seemed reasonable and wasn't struggling to breathe etc. (Now I worry that I left him too long.) He stopped flying on Tuesday.

I initially thought it was just the normal weekend throw-up. But today he was looking more miserable and later realised he wasn't eating. The other birds were bothering him and Deeks kept trying to climb on his back. Decided to move him to the smaller cage. I was stroking him and he wasn't reacting, so knew it was bad (in the last few years he's become a bitey thing). Decided that we'd take him up the vet in the morning to be put down, there was no more quality of life. I knelt down in front of the small cage and he was suddenly the brightest he'd been all weekend and was looking at me and leaning forward like he was going to jump onto the front of the cage. He then climbed around so he could be near me. It broke my heart, he was lonely.

Within an hour he was on the floor of the cage and it took another hour or so till he was gone. He was 7 years old (and 2 months). We'd had him 6 days short of 7 years.

He'd become a cranky old man in recent years, but he was a gorgeous bird (even vets had commented how beautiful he was). He had a great range of whistles and was a bit of a comedian. He developed this long whistle (always slightly different) that he'd use when something happened, usually when one of the other birds fell off the perch. And he went crazy over being sprayed with water, adored his showers and ended up looking like a drowned rat.

We still have his brother, Snoopy. Will so miss my Danny bird :(

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