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I've been so lazy about posting here. Feeling disconnected, missing the heyday of here and tWW fandom and fic and being part of something. Going to try and get back in the habit, and would love to see you all again.

Last Saturday saw the new Australian production of Les Mis. It was amazing. The new staging is FANTASTIC!

Valjean and Javert were perfect. The only other production I saw back in ~97, they'd imported both from the UK and the Valjean couldn't reach the notes. So thrilled to see such fabulous portrayals. Eponine and Fantine were also great.

A few minor issues, but not enough to take away from the overall fabulous. Marius was a bit wishy washy & always found Marius/Cosette boring (forget Marius, Eponine! Go for Enjolras.). I felt that one of the other students who had a few solo parts & a stronger voice would have been a better choice for Enjolras.

And found Master of the House strangely lacking. It's the number that usually gets your feet tapping and the audience clapping, but nothing. Wondering whether it might be because they have a lot more props & staging to deal with? Because Beggars at the Feast was great with a lot more energy.

So wish I could see it multiple times. I hate the limited seasons as opposed to 15-20 years ago when shows would stay for a year or two.

But it was all a bit complicated by us all having throat/cold bug. Sis was up from Canberra but was so sick that she decided not to go. Plus it's winter and we're having colder nights. Usually for theatre, sis drives us into Sydney, but that wasn't possible. So mum and I were going by train, and hoping against hope that dad would be able to come in and pick us up (he was terrible with the bug). We were calling around to see if anyone wanted to take sis's ticket, finally called long-time neighbour up the back and she thought her sister might be interested. And yes! Caroline is ~6 years younger than I am. We met her in at the theatre, and Belinda (her sister) and Ros (her mother) offered to come and pick us up after and drive us home. So thankfully it solved all our problems and meant I didn't have to face the even colder 11pm train trip home.

Plus my overheating issue and not being able to dress to the weather and risking chilblains. I wore a summer maxi dress, socks and sandals (proof I'm old and don't give a shit), and sis's red winter coat. I basically looked like a waif who belonged in Les Mis ;) In the theatre I took off the socks and the coat, was too warm.

Thankfully mum and I waited till after to get sicker, so we weren't coughing through it. Been a not nice time since, called in sick to work on Monday. We're finally feeling better but still bit coughy and sniffly. Thankfully my eyes aren't bloodshot anymore.
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