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It's been 4 days since I bought a bird.

So, 12 budgies weren't enough.

I'd never had much interest in cockatiels. My brother's, Jock, isn't the friendliest and has turned into a chronic egg layer. But in December mum said there was this unusual cockatiel in the petshop, and I visited and oh so pretty, and oh so tame, and so in love. And sis and I wore the parents down, and hey presto, we got a George in mid December (I named him George as soon as I saw him - "I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him"). For the first couple of weeks, George just slept and cuddled on my lap. Now prefers to be patted/scratched in the cage, and climb and wander on us when out of the cage.

George calls when he sees us first thing in the morning, or when he hasn't seen us for a while. And he goes nuts when we get home, usually starts yelling when he hears the car in the drive or garage door go up or us coming up the stairs.

Poor baby has a clipped wing and has broken a number of blood feathers (new feathers, they have a blood supply as they grow). Last major one ended up with blood across my face/neck/arms. Wish could get it through to him that he can't fly and he needs to stop flapping and jumping off things. Bit worried whether he'll end up with a full wing.

Seeing the avian vet in just over a week for a checkup, hopefully she'll have some advice on helping with the wing beyond bubble-wrap. And will be getting a dna test, while the petshop/breeder thought was a boy, a few things have me thinking is a girl. But will still be George.

Jan 2014

March 2014 - tail has since grown back

George and my nephew, Liam (age 5)

George was like a little jockey holding onto the reins :)

But this isn't the end of the bird madness...
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