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Went to Kellyville Pets today. They had a display of two common marmosets, so damn cute! Spent quite some time watching them, and was funny watching these tiny monkeys race over to the side to watch the little kids & dogs. Unfortunately didn't get any good photos.

But got some good photos of birds (red tailed black cockatoo displayed for us) and bunnies and lizards and fish. And hilarious budgie who was lying on its back (but wouldn't roll over again so I could video it), and then was lying flat on the floor, eyes closed, claw pulled up, chatting away. Not sure whether there's something wrong with it or just strange! My most fantastic budgie, Snowy, would sleep on her side or back in my lap, or in my pocket, but she'd been hand-raised and didn't really understand she was a bird.

Back in March I bought myself a Canon DSLR (feel guilty about it considering the job situation). I'm loving the quality of the photos (18mp), but frustrated at issues with focussing etc and lack of experience. Problem with photography, like all things, is my perfectionist streak. I want the photos to be fabulous & perfect & arty & the best.
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