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I want to order the Hetty for President mug & sticker from CBS Store. Have tried numerous times in Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer (last resort!) on my PC (Win 7) and in Firefox/Safari on sis's Mac. With and without Flashblock. I can go through all the steps, but after I pay by paypal and then am sent back to the CBS store page, my 'Order Review' is shown for only seconds and then disappears (each step kinda expands out). There isn't enough time to click on 'Place order'.

I emailed customer service, their brilliant reply: call them and order over the phone. I replied I'm in Australia and am not making an international call. Their reply: well fax us the order.

Still the issue of international call and no way I'm faxing them my credit card details thank you very much. That is why I use paypal whenever available.

Gah! I don't understand the problem, especially when it's doing it on multiple browsers. And since it's doing it on both Windows & Mac, I'm assuming I'm not the problem. And why do all the other steps expand out all right, but not that last one. Their international mail cost is bad enough, but I decided I wanted the Hetty mug badly enough. Now I can't even order the bloody thing!

A friend suggested that I ask them to send me a Paypal invoice, but considering how unhelpful they've been so far...

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Date: 2012-11-19 08:58 pm (UTC)
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I can imagine you're pissed, I think I'd have the same issue if I have to try to order it from Italy! Sometimes thy don't make things easily for us who live abroad...

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